I have always had a love of the natural world, my earliest dalliance that I remember was rooting around rock pools at the seaside when I was about 3 years old!

Later in life I began to take a more serious approach to nature and birdwatching which then progressed to photography of same. I love to be out there in quiet, wild places with my bins and camera at the ready for whatever shows itself to me, be it mammal, bird or just a pretty wild flower.

My other great passion is travel. I think this began when my beloved late step father took the family away on foreign holidays and also gave me the opportunity to live out in South Africa for 3 months in my late teens which fired my desire to visit and experience all the wonderful places in the world! I love to be amongst new cultures, prefering to stay away from tourist areas if possible so I can really get a feel of the "real" place in which I am visiting. I like nothing more than spending time with locals, eating local food, and of course enjoying the wonderful wildlife of the area! India is very dear to me, I have spent many times in Goa and also worked as a volunteer near Bandhavgarh National Park for a whole month, and I would love to live out there sometime in the future. I love Asia in general and in recent times have been lucky to have also visited Nepal and Sri Lanka.

I have had my images/articles published in various books and magazines as well as on organisational websites and have recently set up a company leading/providing informal photography walkabout trips in the UK and beyond all with a wildlife/nature theme.

Most of the earlier photographs on here were taken with a Canon 40D , a Canon 500mm F4 IS lens, a Canon 300mm F4 IS lens, a Canon 18-55mm IS lens and sometimes a Canon 1.4 Converter. I have,however, recently changed my gear to a Canon 7D and a Canon 400 f5.6 lens as I needed to use something lighter and easier - particularly for travelling.